Deadbolt+ Features

8 secure ways to unlock your door

Our smart locks offer a variety of methods for accessing your property,
alongside tools to ensure you are in full control of your home security.

  • Integrated Keypad

    Issue a time and date controlled PIN code to allow others access to your home.

  • Apple iPhone

    Simply tap your Apple iPhone against the lock for convenient entry.

  • Apple Watch

    Simply tap your Apple Watch against the lock for convenient entry.

  • Siri Voice Command

    Hands-free control. Unlock your door with your voice.

  • Avia App

    The Avia app offers powerful management tools and remote access via an Apple Home Hub.

  • NFC Key Fob

    One Key Fob is included. Additional Key Fobs can be purchased separately.

  • Conventional Key

    Traditional key access is always an option.

  • Thumb Turn

    Inside the property, a conventional thumb turn provides quick access.

FAQ: How long until the battery runs out?
July 2034
Deadbolt+ Satin Chrome
Avia Smart Deadbolt+Up to 0 Months
Avia Smart Deadbolt+ SolarUp to 0 Years
  • Works with Apple Home

    Use Apple Home to set up unlimited automations and control other devices in your smart home.

  • Configurable Auto-Lock

    Automatically lock your door when it closes with the optional auto-lock feature.

  • Unlimited Automations

    The Smart Deadbolt+ is an integral part of your Smart Home, triggering unlimited home automations.

  • Multi-User Management

    Multiple users can manage the lock for your security and convenience.

  • Avia Smart iOS App

    Our powerful dedicated iOS app provides complete control of your Avia Smart devices.

  • Thread, Bluetooth LE & NFC

    Using the very latest technologies ensures our devices perform as fast and secure as possible.

  • Optional Keypad Backlighting

    The backlit keypad ensures perfect visibility in any light conditions.

  • Thousands of Keypad Colours

    Style to your preference with thousands of keypad colour options available, configurable via the Avia App.

  • Selectable Audio Feedback

    Enable or disable audio feedback from the device, configured via the powerful Avia app.

  • 18-Month+ Battery

    Our battery life ensures long term peace of mind.

  • Solar Option for Up To 10 Years Battery

    Ideal for holiday or private let properties that you do not visit frequently.

  • Remote Access Control

    Use the Avia app to unlock your door from anywhere in the world. Requires an Apple Home Hub.

  • Pin Code Scheduling

    Date and time scheduling allows you to grant specific and contolled access to your home.

  • Lock Externally Using Keypad

    Simply tap “00”, or two keys of your choice on the keypad to lock your door.

  • Built Using Latest Thread Technology

    Thread offers the fastest and most secure inter-device mesh communication possible.

  • Diagnostic & Activity Logs

    Review all lock activity at any time from the Avia iOS app.

  • Over-The-Air Updates

    Updating your lock is quick and simple thanks to our robust over-the-air updates.

  • Keypad Wakeup Option

    You have the option to be able to tap any key on the keypad to illuminate the keypad before entering your pin.

  • Optionally Disable Keypad

    If required, you can disable the keypad completely.

  • Retrofittable to Most Doors

    Upgrade your lock with no need to replace your door.

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