Unlocking Smart Security: Deadbolt+ for Commercial Applications

Effortless Access Control

In the realm of commercial spaces, security and ease of access control are paramount. Laboratories, storage areas, and offices require a robust solution that not only simplifies access but also provides a comprehensive tracking system to monitor and identify individuals. This is where our Deadbolt+ smart deadbolt excels, offering cutting-edge features tailored for commercial use. Let’s delve into how Deadbolt+ revolutionizes security and access control in these environments.

Deadbolt+ provides a myriad of methods for granting access, making it a versatile choice for commercial spaces:

  • Integrated Keypad

    Employees and authorized personnel can enter using a unique PIN code, eliminating the need for physical keys and enhancing security.

  • Apple Home Keys

    Seamlessly integrate with Apple Home, allowing authorized individuals to enter with a simple touch of their Apple device.

  • Siri Voice Command

    Deadbolt+ is compatible with Siri voice commands, providing hands-free and efficient access for busy office environments.

  • Avia App

    Management can download our free app from the Apple App Store for remote access, enabling secure entry and monitoring.

  • NFC Card

    For added convenience and security, NFC cards can be used to access commercial spaces.

  • Conventional Key

    For traditional access, a physical key option is available as a backup, ensuring flexibility.

  • Thumb Turn

    Inside the premises, a conventional thumb turn ensures quick and reliable access when needed.

  • Comprehensive Activity Log

    The comprehensive activity log ensures full access to the records of lock activity.

Convenient Delivery

Easily deliver unique PIN codes to employees and authorized personnel via email or other secure channels, ensuring rapid and secure access. No more hassles with physical key handovers.

Time-Based Access

Take control by setting time restrictions for PIN codes. Specify when access is granted to ensure that employees can only enter during designated working hours. This feature is invaluable for managing office or other sensitive area access schedules and security.

Multi-Lock Management

If your commercial space comprises multiple areas or buildings, Deadbolt+ allows you to manage each lock independently with unique PIN codes, ensuring secure and personalized access control.

Multi-PIN Convenience

Deadbolt+ enables the use of multiple PIN codes with a single lock, accommodating up to 10 different codes. This functionality is perfect for granting different access times and validity periods to various individuals, such as laboratory technicians or storage area managers. Monitor access history easily by reviewing the lock’s comprehensive activity log through our user-friendly app.

  • Labs

  • Storage

  • Offices

  • Medical

Enhanced Security Features

Real-Time Alerts

Receive instant notifications on your device whenever the lock is operated, ensuring you’re always informed about who enters your commercial space. This real-time monitoring is crucial for security and access control.

Tamper Detection

Deadbolt+ is equipped with advanced tamper detection capabilities. It swiftly identifies any attempts to tamper with or manipulate the lock and alerts your smartphone. You can customize sensitivity settings and activate a deterrent sound and light if tampering is detected.

Activity History Log

Access a comprehensive and detailed history log of your lock’s activity through our free app. This feature provides valuable insights into who has accessed your commercial space, when they did so, and the duration of their access. It’s a vital tool for monitoring laboratory access, storage area usage, and office entry.

Deadbolt+ is the ultimate solution for commercial applications where security, access control, and individual identification are crucial. Laboratories, storage areas, and offices can benefit from the seamless access methods, PIN code management, and enhanced security features offered by Deadbolt+. Say goodbye to traditional key management and embrace a smarter, more secure future for your commercial space.

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