Avia Smart Deadbolt+

Unlock the Future of Home Security

Upgrade your home security with our cutting-edge smart deadbolt, providing convenient keyless access and advanced protection for your peace of mind.

How it works

The easiest way to understand the power of the Deadbolt+ is to see it in action

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Works with Apple HomeKit and Apple home keys

Unlimited home automation using Apple HomeKit, and open your deadbolt with your device using Apple home keys.

Upgrade your door security. No need to buy a new door.

The Avia Smart Deadbolt+ can be quickly and easily fitted to your existing door to make your home smarter, and more secure.

  • Configurable Auto-Lock
  • Remote Access Control
  • Multi-User Management
  • 10-Key Keypad

Control your home security. Anywhere, anytime.

Whether your dog walker needs to collect your spare lead, or a courier needs to drop a parcel in your door, you can control access to your home anywhere, at any time, using the powerful Avia app.

More secure ways to unlock your door

Our smart locks offer a variety of methods for accessing your property,
alongside tools to ensure you are in full control of your home security.

  • Integrated Keypad

    Remotly issue a time and date controlled PIN code to allow others access to your home.

  • Apple Home Keys

    Simply tap your Apple iPhone or Apple Watch against the lock for convenient entry.

  • Siri Voice Command

    Hands-free control. Unlock your door with your voice.

  • Avia App

    Download the Avia app from the Apple App Store for remote access and simple management.

  • NFC Card

    For added convenience, NFC cards can be purchased separately.

  • Conventional Key

    Traditional key access is always an option.

  • Thumb Turn

    Inside the property, a conventional thumb turn provides quick access.

  • Comprehensive Activity Log

    The comprehensive activity log ensures full access to the records of lock activity.

Timeless classic design, and a wide range of finishes.

We have a Smart Deadbolt+ to suit any door.

Designed smart.
Built strong.

The Avia Deadbolt+ is designed from the ground up to make your life easier with its smart features, and built strong enough to protect your loved ones whether you’re home or away.

Deadbolt+ Specifics

There’s a lot of information about a device as powerful as the Avia Smart Deadbolt+.
Here’s everything you need to know…

  • Works with Apple home keys
  • Works with Apple Homekit
  • Configurable Auto-Lock
  • Integrates with Apple Home
  • Multi-User Management
  • Avia Smart iOS App
  • Bluetooth® LE, NFC & Wifi
  • 10-Key Keypad
  • Backup Physical Keys
  • Optional Audio Feedback
  • Siri Voice Control
  • 1+ Year Battery
  • Remote Access Control
  • iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch

Quick and simple install.

The Avia Smart Deadbolt+ is so quick and easy to fit to your existing door, you can likely do it yourself.

Make your security smart today
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