How to check your door.

Before you install your Level lock, make sure you have a standard profile deadbolt and your door is smooth to lock and unlock.

To check your door:


Check that the door latch fastens correctly without needing to push, pull, or lift the door. (We call this the door having a single home. The door latch is the main fastener that holds the door closed). If the door doesn’t latch properly, adjust the latch strike plate so it’s aligned with the latch bolt.


Make sure your door is at least 1 ¾” thick. (Level locks don’t work on doors thinner than 1 ¾”.) For Level Lock and Level Lock – Touch Edition: Make sure your door is not more than 2″ thick.


For Level Bolt: Make sure the key cylinder housing is at least ¾” deep. Measure the distance from the surface of the door to the surface of the key cylinder housing. Note: Level Bolt works with most standard deadbolts that have a profile of at least ¾” (19 mm). If you have a deadbolt with a lower profile (for example, Baldwin Reserve, Baldwin Estate, or Emtek) you may need an adapter or spacer from the manufacturer or help from a professional locksmith.

Tip: You might be tempted to skip these steps, but don’t. If your door is difficult to lock or unlock before installing a Level lock, it’ll be difficult after installing the lock. Not only that, but you could deplete the lock battery prematurely.

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