Unlock your door with your iPhone

With home keys, you can simply tap to unlock the Deadbolt+ using your iPhone or Apple Watch for easy and secure access to your home.

Smart Deadbolt Locks for Vacation Rental Properties

The Avia Smart Deadbolt+ is fast becoming the chosen lock for all types of property owners.

Integrated Keypad

Issue key codes with date and time controls from anywhere in the world via the secure Avia App.

Everything you need right out of the box

Smart Deadbolt+

The Deadbolt+ delivers the convenience and security of the latest smart technology in a timeless design with finishes to suit any home.

Latest Technology, Same Door

The Avia Deadbolt+ is retrofittable to any standard deadbolt door. Improve your security and convenience without needing to replace your door.

Smart home; Smarter life.

Discover the power of the Avia secure ecosystem featuring the Avia Smart Deadbolt+

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Ease of Entry

The Deadbolt+ features multiple smart access methods. With a tap of your device, or a pin code issued from anywhere in the world, security has never been more convenient.

Keyless Control

Our range of configurable entry methods allow you to grant access to friends, family, guests, or service providers, while remaining in full control.

  • Remote access code management
  • Date and time access code expiry

Unlimited Automation

Turn your lights on to welcome you home when your unlock your door, or use voice control when you’ve got your hands full.

Centralize your security with the Avia App

Available on the App Store
  • iOS
  • iPadOS
  • watchOS

Why Choose Avia

The standards that we hold for all of our products help to set Avia apart.

  • Quick To Install

    We have made the installation process as simple as possible, and we’re always here to help.

  • Apple Home Keys

    Works with Apple home keys to make it easier than ever to securely access your home.

  • Apple HomeKit

    Works with Apple Homekit to set up unlimited automations and control other devices in your smart home.

  • Dedicated iOS App

    Centralized control from anywhere within our proprietary iOS app for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

  • Remote Unlock

    Use the Avia app to unlock your door from anywhere in the world. Requires an Apple Home Hub.

  • Centralize Your Security

    Use our cutting-edge smart security devices to manage all your points of security in one place.

  • Safe & Secure

    Keep those you love safe with our accredited security products. Built for your peace of mind.

  • Range of Finishes

    Select a finish to suit your door or to match your other internal hardware. Being secure looks great!